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Discover Constellation Energy Natural Gas Prices in Avon

If you are ready to start shopping for a new energy supplier in Avon, you are well on your way to making an informed choice. By spending a few minutes comparing retail suppliers, such as Constellation energy, you could find a more suitable energy rate than what you are currently paying.

Get a new supply rate with Constellation Energy in 44011

Constellation Energy in 44011 may offer two plan options that could fit your needs. The first option is a variable-rate plan. Customers who enroll in the variable-rate plan can take advantage of fluctuating prices in the energy market. Rates for this plan change from month to month as the supply and demand for energy rises or falls. During favorable times in the energy market, Constellation Energy natural gas prices in Avon may be low. On the other hand, when the market is not favorable, customers on the variable-rate plan could pay a higher rate.

If the risk of a variable rate is not your thing, never fear, Constellation Energy in 44011 has another option. A stable-rate plan offers price protection to customers. When consumers signs up for a stable-rate plan, they are offered a rate that they will pay for the entire length of the contract. If the market price for energy rises, a stable-rate customer is not affected. However, Constellation Energy in Avon customers also remain unaffected when the market is doing well and prices drop.

Constellation Energy natural gas prices in Avon for your business

You may have already switched to a retail energy supplier in your home, but did you know that Constellation Energy in Avon offers natural gas for business as well? Constellation Energy natural gas prices in Avon can vary depending on the size of your business. The supplier offers plans and rates for small, large and national companies. If your business operates in multiple locations, Constellation Energy natural gas prices in Avon might be a great option for you because the supplier provides energy for businesses in deregulated areas across the United States.

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Constellation Energy in Avon supports education

It's no secret that children are the future of the nation. As natural resources continue to deplete, it's important to ensure that future generations are equipped to handle the problem. That's why Constellation Energy in Avon is committed to supporting energy education in all of its service areas. As part of that commitment, the supplier introduced the Energy to Educate grant program. Constellation awards grants to projects that inspire students to think differently about energy and enlighten students with knowledge on the science and technology needed to solve the world's energy issues.

In 2014, Constellation Energy awarded more than $335,000 to Energy to Educate projects across the country. This allowed the energy message to be spread to more than 7,000 students across the United States.

Constellation Energy in Avon offers environmental grants

Environmental stewardship plays a big role in philanthropic giving for Constellation Energy, in 44011 and beyond. In 2010, Constellation created the EcoStar grant program that allows nonprofit organizations to seek funds for environmental initiatives in their communities. EcoStar grants are awarded to projects that fall into five categories: education and outreach, pollution prevention, conservation, energy efficiency and community activism.

Constellation awarded more than $471,000 to eco-projects, in Avon and across the 22 states where the supplier operates in 2012. The supplier estimates that more than one million students and 93 communities were affected by these initiatives.